Super work, Ivy!

Ivy was awarded this week's Star of the Week award for her work in Speech and Drama. Great work, Ivy!

Mr Fothergill Visits Year 5 & 6

One of our parents, Mr Fothergill, was welcomed into Year 5 and 6 today to support a previous IPC unit, Making Things Go. Mr Fothergill shared his wealth of knowledge on wind turbines and demonstrated how they work using a model created by a student at Teesside University. Thank you to Mr Fothergill for an interesting presentation and for giving up your free time today.


Year 5 are enjoying their whole class reader 'Aquila' this half term. Aquila is a spaceship which two boys, Tom and Geoff, discovered while on a geography field trip. We are looking forward to finding out what happens in the rest of their adventure. 

Year 5 Remember Class Assembly

Children delivered a wonderful class assembly to our Prep School and their families. They took their audience back to the Summer of 1914 where they told the story about a boy called Archie Dobson and his family, highlighting what life was like at the time. Archie, aged ten, wants to live in the country and work on a farm like his cousin Walter.  Walter, at the grand old age of eighteen, decides he wants an adventure, something more exciting than working the land and joins up to fight in the war against his mother’s wishes. They also shared real life information about what those wartime years were like for everyone; the children who stayed home and gave up their pocket money to help the war effort, the women who took on new roles in the working world and started to wear trousers, the youngest of men who lied about their age to go off and fight, and those who did not come back.  Featuring drama techniques such as split-screen, monologue, a hint of choral speaking and a rousing rendition of It’s a long way to Tipperary’ the children created a lovely assembly that was enjoyed by students and families alike.

Speech and Drama

Megan was awarded last week's Star of the Week award for her progress in Speech and Drama. Great work, Megan!

University Hospital of North Tees

Some of our AG&T pupils in Years 5-7 made a special trip to North Tees Hospital where they were greeted by the resuscitation team. The children watched the resus team role-play a cardiac arrest and then the children used mannequins to follow the CPR guidelines. They were even able to watch a monitor to assess how effective their compressions were. Thank you to the resus team at North Tees Hospital for a fantastic afternoon. 

Children in Need Day 2018

Spot Ivy and Megan in the Gazette!

Well done, Holly!

As well as supporting our school's Children in Need efforts, Holly continued her fundraising at home, making and selling cakes and bracelets as she has done for the past four years! This year Holly raised over £200; she has now sent over £700 to the charity in total. Well done, Holly!

Aspiring Medics

Some of our Prep AG&T children and aspiring medics are looking forward to a visit to North Tees General Hospital next week. The group will have the opportunity to meet the resuscitation team who will deliver a basic life support session as well as talk to them about the many different careers available in the medical profession.

Using Lemons as a Source of Energy

Year 5 and Year 6 came together last week for a mass experiment involving lemons! As part of their International Primary Curriculum learning, the pupils were asked to try and light a small bulb using only lemons as an energy source.